FATE. how it revolves around us.

Fate. Have this ever crosses your mind? Surely everybody did.

All grownups, even teenagers nowadays will talk about marriage. When you reach a certain age, marriage seems to be a very interesting topic. I doubt it when someone tends to claim that they did’nt even want to get married. Any opinion on this part?

Oh well, you might say that different people have different points of view. Or even different people have different aims in life. In a different situation, some might not even find their fate through their entire lives. This, perhaps, insyaallah. In the hereafter, their partner have already been reserved and there is one which destined to be their soul-mates.

If ever anyone of you out there happened to be in a relationship and not yet married. There is one thing you can do. Pray. Insyaallah.

Although we learned that, every journey in our lives have been wrote, even long before we were born. But somehow, things can changed.

Im not creating an argument here. But, recalled the word “usaha”? alright then, any success you gained are paid off along with the hardship you put in. Work hard for it. Determination.
Ive been adviced. Yes, true. about how fates have been destined long ago. But you were also given a choice to decide which is best for you. Which means, what you choose insyaallah what your fate would be. This might be wrong in your eyes. But insyaallah, if i or you, keep on praying for any good things in life, insyaallah, HE who hears and knows what is best for us, might grant our prayers.

I believe in one thing, “orang yang baik, adalah untuk orang yang baik” insyaallah..
Ya allah, i prayed to you, alongside with tawakkal towards my fate. You listen to my wished for the past several years. When its time, i hope it is something that is best for me.

azreena isk.

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