Altho it’s late. but still,

HAPPY NEW YEAR people! 😀

i noe i was on hiatus for quite some time. fuhh..  more than 3 months, i guess :/


this is sad. i have to leave Malaysia, tho it is for a good cause. i am glad on how far i am now. i cant deny much on how i hate this country at first. i was okay when i arrived. i knew it wont be as beautiful or breathtaking like other known countries, but somehow, AGAK terkejut jugak laa with the surroundings. LOL.

tell you honestly, EGYPT is called Misr. and we, malaysian called it MESIR which spells مصر (mimm soodd raaa) . which conlcude the meaning of :

M : musibah

S : sabar

R : redha

get the picture?  oh well, “setiap manusia itu pasti tidak akan terlepas dari segala ujian dari-Nya” . therefore, to talk about how the journey here begins and how it was coloured, its gonna be quite a long story. baru je 3 bulan kat bumi anbiyaa ni, dah macam macam jadi. since its up to me to write the story or not. i decided to keep it safe with me.

outside stories laa.

so, since i arrived, i have 7 housemates and we lived in hayyu asyir (section 10). but then, we decided to move out after lots of things had happened. it wasnt as easy as to picture it. we went through a lot just to move in to a new house. succeed on moving in, later on it was left only the 5 of us. AND this is hard. house rent jadi lagi expensive! i have to set a tight budget for it. we opt to save a lot on foods and transportation. since our present house is quite near to our university, we might walk to classes. in other way round, this benefit us all as well. we can save our money and for sure more to excersice! bahahaha bakar lemak! bakar lemak! LOL 😛

banyak lagi cerita. wayy to banyak just for the past 4 months. if to talk more about egypt, guess i am too lazy to write it here, NOW :/

insyaallah will write more soon. MAYBE 😛 hahaha. i tell stories based on what people asked. cause sometimes i am not the one who tell stories all in all just like that. you wanna know. come and ask 🙂 and MUMKIN ana will tell you, cause it depends 😉

salaam perantauan(?) LOL.

azreena isk.

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