The Preparation

i’m leaving Malaysia on the 19th of september 2010. it was confirmed during my last day of orientation under AQM. ehemm, am I well prepared? oh well, i guess 60% of it is yes. the other 40% is the laziness that im duelling to do the checklist -__-

well, well, i went for the orientation at ILIM Bangi which lasted for about 8 days and 7 nights (the longest orientation i ever had!). it was okay. i did had fun. met new friends from different courses. some taking dentistry like i do. others were medic, pharmacy and ulum islamiah. they weren’t GEEK like i used to picture them. most of them were just the same as i am (almost)

talk about the orientation, it was more focused on program bina sahsiah. get that? i mean the talk was all about to reshaped our intention on furthering our study at egypt. mantapkan lagi iman anak anak muda seusia saya so that we wont having a real hard time when we reached bumi anbiyaa later. at first, i was like. what the shit is this crap. but later, i understand what they were trying to implied. THANK YOU. seriously, from the bottom of my heart. you made me think and realized who am i di sisi ALLAH swt. insya-Allah, slow slow saya berubah ke arah kebaikan. i am not an angel nor the great nabi saw. im a human being. i made mistakes. and i realized all of that and i pledged for forgiveness šŸ™‚ insya-Allah…

during the last day of orientation, we went for a visit at Taman Botani Putrajaya. it was FUNNNNN. hehehe, i never knew we had a preserved park like that in Malaysia. beautiful! yess, pretty flowers and scenery. you can even jog and ride bicycle (rent) at this place. simply said, it was breathtaking. BUT, unfortunately we went during the fasting month -__- so it was really tiring to walk around. and actually we were supposed to walk in groups. but idk why, we left the big groups and went for our own sight-seeing. hahaha, nasib baik tak sesat. itu paling penting! and the funnier part. we arrived on the same time with the other groups. which left them unnoticed our non-existence… hihi šŸ˜‰ here are some pictures….

back at ILIM, we had malam aspirasi AQ. LOL LOL LOL. yessss big laugh! our tadarus group joined with tadarus 4 to do an assingment to perform that night. we blew it. like seriously it was a damaged! hahahaha but it was really funny. we did dikir barat. wakluuu, konon je gempak with our costumes but then, only the tukang karut je bersuara. hahaha we sang a few and laugh all the time. from the start till the end. that was seriously like the most shameful performance i ever had. hahaha… and to top of that. we were the first group to perform and every group were only given less than a day to discuss on what to do. sooooo, pandai pandai laa faham yea for the preparation šŸ˜›

21st of august was the last day at ILIM. the closing ceremony ended before noon. certificate was given to every students of AQ… and later on it was followed by the last greetings to our facilitators. there’s two different tears. there’s sad and joy (haha nak nyanyi pulak :P) hehe.. of course there are tears from one of the students. itu maksudnya dia bersyukur dapat join this program. others suma control cool. lol like i do. hahaha… oh well, it was meaningful. and deep thanks to our facilitators. diorg tak pernah marah. ni tak tipu laa. sebab diorg tak guna kekerasan nak tegur all of us. the best way is to talk nicely. tegur cara baik. alhamdulilllah. ramai dengar kata. tak da muka masam throughout the orientation. that’s the beauty of our orientation. although penat teramat sampai qiyamulai banyak kali skipped, hehe it’s a worth of an experienced.

arigatou ne! eh eh, syukran jazilann šŸ˜‰ hihi…


azreena isk.

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