Second Option

on the 24th of July i went to seek for treatment for my sinuses. there is one tabib cina in USJ that still using the old method to cure people. so, i went there with mama, abglong and amir. and this is my other option before deciding on wether to undergo the surgery or not.

i called this tabib master li. he’s a very nice guy which you wont guess that he’d been treating people long before. and when i said guessing i meant that he looked young from his age and does’nt even looked like i mean almost like a monk or any kinds of tabib’s look. macam ada janggut panjang or lebat ka. haha well, none. he looks young. certificate dia, my god, banyak sungguh! you can see that he is well trained and expert in this field. i saw his books on medication are a lot! it’s either from internal medicines until herbs, fuhh penuh dua tiga rak buku. rasa nak pinjam je satu. hehe πŸ˜›

so, i’m under master li’s observation. banyak jugak dia dapat detect my illness. and also, lots of advices he’d given me. i’m trying everything. we’ll see how it’s gonna be. and i’ve been told to see him everyday to seek for treatment. haha oh well, i dont mind then if this is good for me πŸ™‚

pray for my health. so i can be healty as usual. as of now, i’m not sad on how things been going on. i should be grateful that it is not something big and major disease πŸ™‚


azreena isk.

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