that SINUS -_-

i went to do my check up yesterday (22.07.2010) at ampang putri. meeting Dr. Aminnudin Saim afta my last visit of 2008 was quite funny. oh well, as usual, he’s a very warm person and the most friendliest doctor ever. still with his goofy side. i mean MAINTAIN lagi, haha

oh well, the check up does not ends with something that i wanna hear. hmm, my sinus is getting bad. so ini la penyebab my long fever. he adviced me to undergo surgery. but im not in a position to say yes. there’s a lot of things in mind that restrain me from having this surgery. altho he did said that he will do the simplest surgery, but there will always be complication to everything. i’m avoiding that actually.

banyak lagi nak kena settle. preparation nak fly tak settle lagi. with orientation in a few weeks pulak. ramadhan is getting near. ini lagi laa, puasa ganti pun tak hbs lagi. haihh

i did not expect this problem to surface in this short time. i’ve been quite healty for the last few years. i’m sorry mama and abah for making you worried. ina dh cukup pantang with foods. you guys knew that rite. i am very concious when it comes to food. i stay away from any thing that can caused allergy to me, and yet i don’t know why it has to happened now.

ya, benda semua dh tertulis di atas. i should cope and find the best solution for this la makna nya. oh well, call me a one tough girl laa kalau macam tu. i keep it to my self for every pain i felt. i never told you guys how painful it is inside. haha, teringat how ramai panggil ina hati batu cos i dont cry that easily. i hate crying because of my sinuses. it gives me hell when im in pain. that’s one of the reasons.

and one good thing now is, i still have another solution. im seeking medication from one of the tabib cina. heard that he was good. try on me then 😉  i need to see him everyday. ini under arahan tabib yea. saya ikut sahaja laa. orang nk rawat, kita nak sihat ikut je laa. haha, we will see the outcome soon. i’m praying for no surgery. ya allah tolong laa hamba mu ini :]


azreena isk.

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