flu and sore throat

ohhh what a day. today is 18th of july. i’ve been having serious flu since the 16th. haihh, i thought i wont get any fever or others that might made me tired and hopeless all day long. seems like the bacteria loves to play around in my body. ngehh ngehh 😥

on the 16th, after having fun at ict with my roomates, i went straight to the clinic. it was really unsettling in the car. i was shaking. chills over my body and my voice sounds so weird which made me sounds like a duck! hahaha.. well then, the doctor said i didnt get any fever. he just presribed me with a cough and flu medicines. i cant sleep that night. tho i was supposed to have a nice sleep after taking my medication. but, all i endure that night was shivering and kept on shivering. and yes on the 17th i have a fever! and i went to another clinic which means, again to a clinic. and i get a new prescribtion. haha this time, a much better doctor. that doctor tu siap ajar nak makan ubat macam mane sume. when and how. which one is better and siap suggest other treatment. bagus betul. i’ve tried and it works. thanks to her adviced also saya kena quarantine ngan mama kat rumah 😥 and thank you mama sebab jaga ina like usual, ur honey and lime! cool! haha cos it also works 😉

and today on the 18th. kalau kahak change colour i have to go to clinic again. da da da. tak mahu! i hate medicinesssss. yuksss :/ wokay wokay , i need to rest my self a lot. bak kata doctor : “azreena, sekarang kerja awak kena banyak rehat and tidur, makan dan banyak minum air ye. susah ke kerja tu? and awak jgn keluar rumah tau takut benda ni berjangkit kat org lain. okay?”  azreena : ” ohh tak pe tak pe, senang je, hehehe ”

actually kerja tu susah sgt sbb im gonna feel bored very very much 😦

so long, till im back healty i’ll write again 🙂


azreena isk.

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