holiday – hospital – end of holidayssss

there’s a lot to write around this past few weeks. lots of things happened. shedding tears are countless, joyful moments of course ada, sweet n wonderful events pun ada and it all happened around last last last last few weeks ago.

i have no much time to post anytink here, because of the loads of homework n assingment to submit. truly miserable to catch the beat. hahhh, and now i’m home for the 2 weeks break of mid sem.

i’m not happy.

the first week was ok. but then i heard shamil was not in a good condition. i wish i was there. i missed him, i wanna noe how is he now.

then the first week went just like that with the same old routine for holidaysss. shopping and hangouts with girlfriendss and stuff.. and weekends came…

starts with friday. we went to cameron just for a short holiday. aunty shikin and abg azrul tagged along. so it was much fun rather than us the family, only. first driver was amir the adik kecik, haha whateverr.. amir drive till rawang and change with me. i drive till simpang pulai. && it was awesome. haha kena evaluate by abah & tht was okay. cause the best part is racing ngan abg azrul kat highway. haha i drove merc and he drove CRV. mane leyy overtake mehhh, haha sorry… reached cameron almost noon. check in everything sume then abah trus g main golf ngan abg azrul. we had lunch at the golf club & wow, never expect the scenery was awesome. it was breezy and cold at cameron. the bites is still there. haaaa 🙂

blahh blahh blahhh…. stayed for 3 days n 2 nights. the routine was shopping, eat and play & visit places & ofcourse eat eat eat again & the main dishes we ordered is always STRAWBERRY. haha sedappp. ice cream strawberry. scones, tea, jams, juices, brownies.. yummyy!

the main part here is ABAH sakit when we were there. penyakit lama dia dtg balik. we have to get back to k.l as soon as possible. so then the only driver left was me and amir. sampi k.l trus head to clinic then dapat referrence letter the next day abah trus admit masuk ward. operation was the next day which falls on the 19th january on brr’s birthday.. he was okay after the operation. just had to learn to walk again & i noe it’s painfull.. he get’s HERNER disease & this is only for the guys nye penyakit. we all take turns jaga him at hospital. back and forth changes shift, haha.. nasib baik admit kat ampang putri dkt skit ngan rumah…

thats all to write. i have limited times to spend online this holidays.. just a few updates will do good.

anyway. saturday is the end of holidaysssss. going back to kmk & i hate it. cpt cpt la hbs matriks. i soooo missed k.l & home cause i’m tired staying and studying at matriks. like drag me to hell. haha shittooo, opps ;D


azreena isk.

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