One Malaysia? just don’t argue…

while chatting with my ex-tution buddy, one malaysia came up in our conversation.. i guess this is a famous topic nowdays.. anyway, she’s an awesome friend, a chineese girl whom i missed the most out of all. remembering our naughty days during high school, makes me laugh and totally smiled all the way. she’s not innocent like how she looks, neither do i.. we’ve been called the ‘hantu’ by our biology teacher (she’s a hot teacher btw) haha.. i guessed what we did was pretty unacceptable to teachers. i meant that, they might not think we actually did that because we are a girl. duhhh.. haha

i think it’s a simple prank and a few little jokes from both of us. so no big deal anyway… she, once did a pranked call and a few text messages to our teacher. and this causes our teacher to argued with her boyfriend, haha so cool! i missed her mann! our junior year during chemistry classes were also quite funny.. we hanged a sign at the door so that we, the form 4 students will be the only students in the class, haha jahat laa. padahal byk lagi… skip classes is truly normal. pranking teachers is like an everyday’s duty.. shit, haha…

anyway, back to the topic of one malaysia.. what can i say is that, to complete the one malaysia’s mission is pretty hard. tho i do believe we could achieved this if we noe that we, malaysians need each other even different colours seperates our religion and blood line, its nothing if we could overcome it peacefully.. i enjoy having multiracial friends. it’s awesome. and yess, i have chineese friends and indian friends as well. i love them cause they r awesome in their own ways.. and we used to hang out just the three of us, 1 malay, 1 chineese and 1 indian.. all the time.. always after evening classes at suria jaya..

this is called memories. and i love it. i’ve experienced this and truly hope one malaysia is not impossible… so, don’t argue, live it 🙂

god bless,

azreena isk.

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  1. Aduh, u mention abt my bad things, miss you so much~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  2. aduhh haha… miss u too chua chua n those bad things we planned together always at suria jaya 😉

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