selamat hari raya aidiladha…!


raya haji kali ni falls on the 27th of november 2009, so here comes all the fresh meat.. haha… wahh seronok gile kalo dpt kumpul again all the families.. but this year tak blk kmpg cos amir spm, n i don’t have lots of holidays.. just 5 days je cuti..

but anyway, cuti is cuti, like always, i love to be back home cos i misssesss k.l so much. (sah sah kaki jln, tak reti ddk rumah) hehe 🙂

and okay, the best part here is tht new moon releases on the 26th!!!! haha weeeeee.. ape lagi mesti ah nk kena tgk jugak kt k.l! ticket booked at 12.55 am, hehe, excited… jacob, ur sooo hot! 😀 and edward, ur damn charming! haha omg, lari topik btol, tajuk dh la slmt hari raya, skang masuk new moon fever plak, haihh… haha ok laaa, until here first… daaa… 🙂


azreena isk.

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