home sweet home

i am glad there’s 2 weeks of holiday in matrikulasi’s planner. goodness. penat sgt kt matriks. no lies beyond my words. oh my, kalau laaa i’ve been dedicated from the start of my learning, i will b much better, i think. its okay, think positive will get me thru. yaww, hope so laaaa….

aduhai, there’s a lot of wishes rather than hope tht  i’m feeling now; i wish i loved the subject i learned. i wish i noe what i want. i wish i focused more. i wish i stick to my promise. i wish there were more times given to us. i wish for everything to be okayyyy, muchhh okayyy. and i always wish i won’t be a big dreamer, mengelamun or anytink tht would be likely same to it..

and nowwww, i’m home! babe, home sweet home syg oiii… perghhh memang seronok ah! haha

pulangnya saya dr lapangan terbang lcct from alor setar, kedah to kuala lumpur adalah pada hr jumaat on the 17th. hehehe… happyyyyy =D who wouldn’t be in this state, kalo dh lama x blk rumah? kahkah. i’m just proud of myself of not feeling tooo homesick. thank you allah, for everything u gave me at kolej matrikulasi kedah. u gave me friendly roomates, friends and many more. i am blessed by you. alhamdullillah….

may allah bless,

azreena isk.

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