So, this is the life i should bear at kmk.. my online days were quite a bliss before i came here. thought i won’t be eager to search online at here, but, there’s assingment ahead that i forgot. i admit my fault of not bringing my notebook! my goodness, it was awful; the virusses and the queues were so so loooong. the waiting hours for each turn is such a waste of a time. damn. lamaaaaaa sgt nak tunggu org lain hbs online. sakit ati ouh… if they were to do any assingments than it’s okay for the wait. but, ni tidak, u guys were happily chit chatting and replying those comments on myspace, friendster or facebook without a single search for your assingments. adoiii, ni tak cool okay. pissed off adalah! dah laa sorg satu using the computers, and then dah la came in with your friends and using one computer for each one of you. haven’t you guys heard that sharing is caring? mind to remember it please and of course to do so in the future… bleehhhhh….

not in the mood. i’m having a very uncool day,  😦  aiyoooo….


azreena ishak, (a.i)

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