on hiatus

i’ll be away away and away. it’s far far away from my house. di utara malaysia which is opposite to thailand (sawadikapp) 😀 , hahaha

ah, i’m away for studying.. ke kolej matrikulasi kedah (kmk). kenapa laaa jauh sgt smpi ke hujung ceruk ceruk tu jugak la nk buat tempat belajar. asal la x kasi dekat skit ke ape. penat okay the travelling from k.l to kedah.

so, it’s gonna be around a year over there. going for a fast track to achieve my diploma. then terus ke degree.. so this is what happend to me. no conclusion up till now. i have’nt decided yet to be what in the future. jadi surirumah je laaa, hahaha. layan suami je. baik punya… hahaha bangang btol.

so then, kta tunggu dan lihat. aiyoo, i thought of not taking any science subject never ever again. haha kelakar, tengok skang still pursue gak in this kind of fields. Sbb honestly, i preferred science subject actually than others. Haha. Wtv. Ok finee. Bye.

best love,

azreena ishak.

p/s: rakan-rakanku amatlah disayangi and dirindui!!! 😦

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