gosh, what a gap since the last time i blog here. somewhat almost a month i’ve been away. lol. many things had happened and i’ve been really busy with loads of stuff.. for two sraight weeks i had to take care of my grandmother. she had an eye surgery to remove her cataract. no hardwork, bending or expose to sunlight for her. even a single water around her eyes are not allowed. i’m glad she’s okay now.. at least she’s slightly relieve that she have no boundaries on doing what she wants now..

skip that, two weeks before she came.. oh my.. i had cousins came for a week. damn! there were FIVE of them. average of 3 to 11 years of age.. my god. the house is like disaster. i had to keep a good eye on them. keep swepping the floors after they left to play at another places.. swept swept swept. clean and clean and clean. AND COOK. oh my, it’s a total tiring day week! and then they left. there’s a peace at least. but a big job ahead. speed cleaning the whole house.. crap I AM TIREDDD 😦

so they left. the house is back to normal. on the 28th of march, dad, mom and i had to go to sintok, kedah for my dad’s convocation. what i can say is, the trip to kedah is like S***! the long hours of driving feels like there’s no end of it. tired, dizzy and boring. that’s how it feels. we even had to change drivers.. i almost had to drove the car. luckily my dad was okay after a quick nap. and so i shall stop till here. malas nak describe more. cos banyak lagi yang happened at sintok which leaves me hating that place and swears of not coming back AGAIN!

i need a teraphy.. haha.. just a nap would be fine.. lol now everything is back to normal. cool….. what i need is to hangout with friends. nak lepak! i miss the talks gossips and those stupid bluffings. kelakar… haha

out for now. will write more, soon 🙂

.azreena ishak.

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