SNSD Dear Mom is heartwarming

For those out there who are familiar with the k-pop scene, the girl group SNSD or commonly known as Girls Generation had just released their mini album last month (i think).

Gee had mad a big success with it’s cool beat and cute voices from SNSD. Plus, their dance was coreographed awesomely. Gee had spread like a virus throughout the nation this season. Making parody out of Gee MV through variety shows is somehow was really funny. Korean variety shows do know how to have fun, haha ^ ^

What attracts me most was Dear Mom, one of the songs in their mini album. I bet those who listen to this track and understand the lyrics will definitely be in tears (I do). Dear mom was written by singer Ivy while her boyfriend Kim Tae Sung composed the song (thanks to allkpop for the info).

Through Dear Mom, SNSD vocals can be seen through. Not all korean girls group have great vocals to stand out for. But then, all they gained was just based on their plastic look. I am not being biased, it’s just that I wish all the “BEST”  to them if they think they really do can survive as a singer.

Well then, here’s the treat :

* video credits to CodeAnalysis

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  1. Aww, is this the one where Tae Yeon cried? T.T The lyrics are so heartwarming 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  2. @chingu ; no problem. well yes, this is the one where tae yeon almost cried. u can hear her voice kind of shaky when she sings. but of course she did well afterwards, 🙂

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