Bored bored bored and another bored day –

Will you have fun OR will you not have fun if u have a looong break in your life? for me, it’s an absolutely a NO NO NO NO and NO!!! (except if i went for a vacation)

Having a long holiday is really an unjoyous thing for me. damn, it sucks so much. feels like my brain has stop functioning and the major thing that i had in mind is dreaming and fantasizing the future (sounds weird for an 18th year old girl doing such thing almost everyday). i need something to get out of this bored day. seems like my list is not working out as planned.

surfing the net all day long was not a big of a help either. doing house chores is even b.o.r.i.n.g but sometimes a bit of a help too. sometimes i feel a bit funny of my self. i wanted to have fun outside and hang out with my friends, but then when it’s the time to get prepared, i get very lazy to leave the house. STUPID uhh?. well, at that time it’s just a feeling of the right thing to do. lazily lying and watching tv at house as always (and always be the best thing to do) =D

i am still in a normal condition. no sign of a mental breakdown yet (thank god!) =p

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