Back on track

Gosh, it has been more than 2 weeks since I’ve been away. I feel bored. I get my notebook to be repaired, scan and everything. Never thought it would took sooo long. Now, I’m back on track.. guess I can’t live without the internet tho (pathetic) oh, why am I being like this? This should’nt have happened. I hope someday I can survived this world, even without internet or handphones. But, seems like it’s gonna be a hard try. Pretty hard.. Ehhhhh ^^

Hmmm, just wandering, i thought of looking for a new hobby. well then.. Ohh yea, hope music classes can help. Hahaha, reminisce back, I own a guitar for almost 4 years but I never know how to play it. It was for my birthday present when I was 14th. Dad gave it to me. I was too naggy that time. Not that annoyance and stuff, just that I wish I can play some instrument to relieve my boredness. Yet, I wasn’t lucky enough to get into any music classes. No time. A year after, I had a big exam to focus on. So no music classes for me at the moment. Then, as I thought I can attend the class, things turn up really shit and bad for me. I was so disappointed, things happened and so, no extra funn class for me. That was that, and it has been 4 years now. Everything went okay and dad offered me to join any classes that I wish to attend to. Anyway, since I’m waiting for my exam results, this could help a little (maybe?). Ohh shit, ohh no no no i’m liking the violin now. Hahahh, damnn it! guess I have to try the guitar first. What about the language class? I want that too, aihhh, start listing! start listing! That could help a little (I guess?)

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