excited new driver on new years eve

31.12.2008 i am now a new road user..
glad that everything went okay today. it was a shocked at first to know that i was the second person to be tested. 002 was the number and i am in the green group. tho green was the last group to be tested after white and yellow group performed, i was so nervous during the waiting hours.. waiting and watching was a bit interesting for the hills. it was funny at times when other students car were making noises. it frightens me a bit because i am always not accurate at the hills. i can only do it better if my mood was really really okay. sure i had to do something to brightens me up. i relaxed myself so that i can gained enough courage to do well. when my turn is up, it turns out perfectly good! i am glad i can do it in one shot. after the hills is the side parking and the 3 corners. well, this part is not scary for me. i kind of anticipating it so much and to finish it faster as it is more easier than others. well, sure i did well here but i was really mad with that stupid car! i never had my car stopped in the middle of parking. damn it, but luckily the jpj tester was okay with it. i was quite worried that i would failed. then, i just complete it like i usually do. none of the poles were down and i passed the test in just 2 minutes. the time given for side parking was 5 minutes maximum. well, not my best tho, as i usually do it around a minute something. oh well, i am just glad i did not failed it.

anyway, after the second part of the test was done. i head towards Dewan Cempaka to do the third part. this is my last test for driving. third part is on the road with the jpj tester besides us to judge our driving. to be honest, i dislike how they randomly picked any students that they wanted to test.. i waited for almost 2 hours for my turn. damnn, it was bored enough and i had headached suddenly.. uhhh, uncomfortable u can say.. anyway, i started at 12.10pm and arrived back at SKEM at 12.29pm.. oh my, i seriously hate if any busses or tracktors are infront of me. the bus were really fast when they are moving, but when they stopped i dislike waiting for them. it took a few minutes for the passengers on board and ofcourse i can’t overtake them cos there are a lot of cars on the opposite road. gladly the car did not broke down like always. i was really thankful how i can control the clucth, brakes and the gear immediately.. anyway, all in all i can assumed i am lucky enough to get a nice jpj tester. thank you mr. jpj ! nice chatting with you and thank you again for not failing me for on the road test. i scored 18/20 for the test which i still lacks in ‘guna isyarat lampu tangan apabila diperlukan’ and ‘menggunakan gear sesuai mengikut kelajuan’, haha..

okay, i am truly glad i passed every test in one try which i can say i was lucky. anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!! may 2009 brings a lot of laughter to your life and great prosperity 🙂

love, azreena ishak.

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